The Edible Landscape

With proper planning, every landscape should have room for vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Concord Seedless and Interlaken Seedless Grapes star
There are many fine grape varieties available. Here are details on several wonderful disease resistant varieties. These include the Concord Seedless and the Interlaken Seedless.

20th Century and Barland Pears star
Pear trees are a wonderful choice for the edible landscape. Here are profilesof some recommended pear varieties.

A New World Edible Landscape star
In designing an edible landscape, we can take many different approaches. One way is to mix and match the plants as we please. Another would be to create historically accurate landscapes from different historical eras, using appropriate plants.

Additional Asian Persimmon Varieties star
Quite a few Asian persimmon varieties are well worth growing. These include Fuyu, Saijo, and others.

An Introduction to Common Buckwheat star
Common buckwheat is recommended both as a grain crop for home gardens and as a green manure/cover crop.

Antique Apples star
I´ll never forget the first time I tasted a Limbertwig apple.

Apple Cider from Home Orchards star
While hard cider is suitable for long-term storage, Sweet cider is drunk fresh.

Arbequina, Manzanillo, and Maurino Olive star
Arbequina and Manzanillo are two olive varieties that are grown in America. Others include Maurino.

Arnold and Calloway Crab Apples star
The Arnold crab has been around for over a hundred years. There are some other excellent varieties as well.

Asian Persimmon History star
The Asian persimmon tree has a long and interesting history. The plant is native to Asia.

Asparagus in Ancient Times star
Asparagus was known to the ancients. It was used medicinally and for food.

Asparagus in Europe and America star
Asparagus has long been used as a food in Britain and Northern Europe, It was introduced to America by Europeans.

Astringency in Persimmons star
There are both astringent and non-astringent persimmons. It is important to know which type you are dealing with before you attempt to use or eat it.

Barcelona Filbert and Other Varieties star
Barcelona filbert is a widely grown filbert variety. The following varieties are recommended for home orchards.

Barouni and Other Olive Varieties star
Many varieties of olives are grown around the world. Only some of them are cultivated in America, such as Barouni and and Coratina.

Bartlett Pear star
This history of the Bartlett pear is fascinating. Here are details on its origins and tips on growing the trees and using the fruits.

Basil for the Landscape star
Basil is the most widely grown herb in America.

Beans of the New World star
Several bean species are native to America. These are suitable for the edible landscape.

Belle Angelvine and Other Pears star
The heirloom pears are very suitable for modern landscapes. They have enduring qualities and have withstood the test of time.

Belle Lucrative and Other Pears star
When choosing fruit trees for the home orchard and landscape don't forget the pears. Here are details on some delightful heirlooms.

Black Mulberry star
The black mulberry tree dates from ancient times when it was mentioned in the Bible. This was grown by the Greeks and Romans.

Black Twig and King David Apples star
There are many fine heirloom apples that are suitable for home orchards. Here are profiles of several.

Bluebell and Venus Grapes star
Among the disease resistant grape varieties are some delightful high quality grapes. These include the Bluebell and the Venus grape.

Books on Edible Crops star
Vegetables were among the earliest crops to be domesticated by humankind. While veggies and other edibles have traditionally been grown in separate areas of the landscape, this is by no means necessary.

Bosc Pear star
The history of the Bosc pear is unclear. Here are details on growing and using this delightful heirloom pear.

Buckwheat for the Edible Landscape star
For gardeners with enough gardening space buckwheat is an excellent small grain crop.

Buckwheat History and Background star
Buckwheat is highly recommended as a small grain for home gardens and homsteads. This has been in use since ancient times.

Buckwheat Yields and Harvest star
Buckwheat is a very useful crop for home gardeners and homesteaders. These can be grown for grain and as a green manure/cover crop.

Cantaloupes and Muskmelons star
Cantaloupes are two of the more commonly grown types of melons. They were both originally native to India and Iran.

Caring for Rhubarb and Choosing Varieties star
Although rhubarb is tolerant of neglect, the plant will bear better crops if it receives some routine care. Home gardeners can choose from many varieties.

Carpathian and Other Walnut Varieties star
The Carpathian English walnut is highly recommended as well as the Ambassador and a few others. Here are details on these varieties.

Chojuro and Highland Pears star
Gardeners can choose from both European and Asian pear trees for the home landscape. Here are profiles of some recommended varieties.

Choosing and Using Blueberries star
Choose the best type of blueberry for your garden in order to reap a bountiful harvest.

Choosing Melon Varieties for the Garden star
Choose melon varieties that are suited to your particular growing situation. Factors to consider include the length of the growing season, climate, and disease/insect issues.

Cider and All Purpose Apples star
There are many varieties of apples avilable for the garden. Some are intended for cider, while others are all purpose.

Cider Apples and Cider History star
In the last couple decades there has been increased interest in cider making.

Citrus Description and Propagation star
The citrus are among the most popular fruits. These are suitable for home gardens in warm climates.

Clapp's Favorite and Other Pears star
There are many heirloom varieties of pears, including Clapp's Favorite. These are a good choice for home orchards and edible landscapes.

Comice Pear star
The Comice is one of the most populr pears. Here are details on its history, cultural needs, and use.

Crabs for the Home Orchard star
Gardeners can choose from many kinds of crab apples. The tea crab and Trailman crab are exceptional ornamentals with edible fruits.

Cranberries during Colonial and Pre-Columbian Eras star
Long before the European colonists arrived, the Native Americans used cranberries for making pemmican. It didn't take long for white settlers to learn about the edible berries.

Cranberry Cultivation and Thoreau's Accounts star
Henry David Thoreau was one of the early American authors to write about cranberries and their cultivation.

Cranberry Cultivation in Various States star
The cultivation of cranberries was a gradual process that evolved at different times in different states.

Crops for the Edible Landscape star
There are many crops suitable for the edible landscape. These include the broad bean as well as the soybean and peanut.

Culinary and Medicinal Uses of Myrtle star
Myrtle is a very versatile, easy to grow plant that is suitable for the edible landscape. Along with its many culinary uses, this has also been used for medicinal and other purposes.

Culinary Uses for Pomegranates star
Pomegranates are very versatile fruits with many culinary uses. They're typically made into juice or eaten fresh. The seeds are also edible.

Description and History of Salsify star
Salsify was a popular vegetable in ancient Greek and Roman times. This belongs to the daisy family.

Dolgo and European Crab Apples star
When it comes to flowering trees, you can't go wrong with the crab apples. The Dolgo is a long-time favorite.

Drying, Storing, and Using Persimmons star
Persimmons are very versatile fruits. They can be preserved and used in so many dishes.

Earliest History of Olive Tree star
The earliest known history of the olive tree dates to about 100 B.C. Early on, this was spread by Middle Eastern caravans to other parts of the world.

Edible Landscape Book Reviews star
If you're thinking of turning your yard into an edible landscape, there are many gardening books that can help. Here are reviews of some recommended titles.

Edible Landscape Book Reviews star
Rising food prices have revived interest in vegetable gardens. For those new to edible landscaping, here are some recommended books.

Edible Landscaping Book Reviews star
These days more people than ever are growing their own food. Here are reviews of some books that can help both novice and experienced gardeners.

Edible Landscaping Tips star
With the economic downturn, interest in vegetable gardening will continue to grow. Because of the high demand for seeds and vegetable transplants, gardeners are urged to place their orders early.

Edible Rhubarb History star
The edible rhubarbs have only been widely grown as food in the West for three centuries or so.

Egremont and Other Russet Apples star
Egremont russet apple is one of the best russet apples. They're ideal for cider and dessert.

Enjoying the Harvest star
The growing season brings a rich assortment of fresh garden produce for our tables. Any surplus that can't be consumed fresh can be preserved for later use. Here are some cookbooks and food preservation titles that will be helpfulto gardeners.

Etta Filberts and Fingerlakes Filberts star
Filberts are small plants that are suitable for landscapes and home orchards. Many fine varieties are available, such as Etta and Fingerlakes filberts.

Filberts for the Home Landscape star
Filberts and hazelnuts are ideal plants for the home garden. Some recommended varieties include Jefferson filbert and others.

Flavorful Spices star
Our edible landscapes are the sources of many delightful culinary treats.

Flemish Beauty and Golden Spice Pear star
Pears are a good choice for the home landscape. Gardeners can choose from many kinds of wonderful European pear varieties.

Florence and Garland Crab Apples star
Among the flowering crabs are native species as well as heirloom varieties.

Food Gardens Book Reviews star
With edible landscaping the goal is to harvest your own fresh produce. Here are some books that can help those planning food gardens.

Food Plant History Books star
The more we know about plant history, the more interesting gardening becomes. Rich folklore surrounds our garden plants.

Food Preservation Book Reviews star
Gardens provide more fresh produce than we can use or give away. Here are reviews of books with wonderful jam and pickle recipes.

Forcing Rhubarb star
Forced rhubarb was most popular in Victorian times. The forced stalks are a delectable treat.

Forelle and Other Pears star
Home landscapes are ideal places for fruit trees. Here are some recommended pear varieties.

Garden Report on My Veggies and Herbs star
Though the summer has been hotter and drier than usual here in western North Carolina, it hasn´t keep my veggies and herbs from doin well.

General Tips on Growing Citrus star
Citrus is a good choice for the home garden for those living in warm climates where frost isn't a serious problem.

Geneva and John Downie Crabs star
There are many fine ornamental crabs from which we can choose. Some of these bear excellent quality fruits that are used for culinary purposes.

Glenora and Canadice Seedless Grapes star
Gardeners won't go wrong with the Glenora and the Canadice Seedless grape. These disease resistant varieties are perfect for the home garden.

Golden Russet Apple star
The golden russet apple is one of the best known russet apples in America. It has long been a favorite.

Great American Persimmon Varieties star
There are a number of superior American persimmon varieties. These include Szukis, Yates and others.

Growing and Caring for Melon Plants star
Melons are grown around the world. In America, they're a common crop in all regions, especially the Imperial Valley of California.

Growing and Harvesting Persimmons star
Persimmons are easy to grow. Requiring little care, these plants can yield 30 pounds of fruit per year.

Growing and Planting Blueberries star
Blueberries thrive when their growing conditions are suitable.

Growing and Planting Rhubarb star
Although rhubarb is botanically a vegetable, the U.S. Customs Court in 1947 declared it to be a fruit since that was how it is used.

Growing Asian Pears star
The long-lived Asian pears can live for three hundred years or so. Hot summers produce the best tasting Asian pears.

Growing Black Salsify star
Black salsify is grown as a winter root crop. The plant, which can be grown as an annual, is actually a perennial or biennial.

Growing Citron star
Citron is a rather uncommon citrus. This does well in tropical regions.

Growing Conditions for Olives star
Olives are easy to grow so long as they're provided with the right growing conditions. These are suitable for various regions of the U.S.

Growing Conditions for the Buckwheats star
The buckwheats are very easy to grow provided growing conditions are suitable. These are suited to specific regions and climates.

Growing Grapefruits star
The grapefruit grows very well in some parts of the U.S. These are suitable for home gardens in warm climates.

Growing Herbal Rhubarb in the West star
Various kinds of medicinal rhubarbs were grown in Europe and England for centuries.

Growing Kumquats star
The kumquat is a unique kind of citrus. This is suitable for home gardens in warm climates. They can also be grown indoors and in greenhouses in pots.

Growing Lemons star
Lemons are much in demand. These do best in warm climates.

Growing Limes star
The limes are among the most popular citrus. These are suitable for home gardens for those living in warm climates.

Growing Mad Hatter Pepper star
Mad Hatter is a reliable, easy to grow pepper that is very early to yield.

Growing Mad Hatter Pepper star
Mad Hatter is a reliable, easy to grow pepper that is very early to yield.

Growing Mandarins star
The mandarin is a popular citrus. These are fairly easy to grow.

Growing Mulberries star
Easy to grow, mulberries are care free plants that require minimal care. Give the long lived trees plenty of space.

Growing Myrtle star
Myrtle is an easy to grow evergreen shrub or tree. It is hardy to zone eight. This is a great indoor plant as well as a bonsai and topiary.

Growing Pomegranates star
The self pollinating pomegranate is easy to grow. These make great bonsai and espalier.

Growing Salsify star
Salsify is an easy to grow winter root crop. A number of varieties are available.

Growing Sweet Oranges star
Sweet oranges are probably the most widely cultivated citrus of all. These are suitable for sub-tropical and tropical climates.

Half-high and Novelty Blueberries star
When planning fruit plantings gardeners should consider the half-high and novelty blueberries.

Harvesting and Storing Pomegranates star
Pomegranates are normally ready to harvest when they've reached their full color. Harvest typically begins in the fall.

Harvesting and Using Black Salsify star
Black salsify was once a popular vegetable. This root crop has many culinary uses.

Harvesting and Using Mulberries star
Mulberries are versatile fruits that ripen over a fairly long season. These can be eaten fresh and used in many recipes.

Harvesting and Using Olives star
Olive fruits are easy to harvest. They can be used for oil or can be prepared as table olives.

Harvesting and Using Quince star
The quince is among the most versatile fruits. In warm regions, these can be allowed to ripen on the plant.

Harvesting and Using Salsify star
Salsify is a winter root crop that is best harvested after a frost. It has many uses in the kitchen.

Harvesting Melons star
The best time to harvest melons is during the cooler part of the day. The flavor is generally better if these aren't chilled before serving.

Harvesting Pears and Expected Yields star
Pear trees yield slightly less than apple trees. These should be picked before they're fully ripe in most cases.

Heirloom Apples for the Garden star
There are many heirloom apples available. Here are several varieties for the home orchard.

Hewes Crab Apple star
If I could only have one crab apple, it would be the Hewes. This is an outstanding heirloom variety.

History and Folklore of Crab Apples star
Much history and folklore surrounds crab apple trees.

History and Use of Melons star
Melons have a long, interesting history in Europe and the New World.

History of Barberries star
The long lived European or common barberry was grown in both the Old and New World. It was very popular in England.

History of Pears star
The history of pears began thousands of years ago.

History of Quince star
Cultivated for over 4000 years, quince was widely popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans.

History of the Blueberry star
The history of blueberries is fascinating.

History of the Orange star
The orange has a long and interesting history around the world.

History of Watermelons star
Watermelons were apparently native to tropical Africa. Historically, these were very popular crops in Africa and the Middle East, particularly in ancient Egypt.

Honeysweet and Other Pears star
Along with the vegetables and herbs include some fruit plants. The Honeysweet and Korean Giant pears are good choices.

Insects and Diseases of Melons star
All types of melons generally can suffer from the kinds of insect and disease problems. This includes watermelons.

Introduction to Mulberries star
Mulberries are native to Africa, Asia, and North America. Most originated in Asia. Two are native to America.

Introduction to Rhubarb star
Rhubarb is often associated with spring because it is one of the earliest plants to begin sprouting earlier than most garden plants.

Jersey Hybrid Asparagus star
The Jersey hybrid asparagus varieties are all or mostly male. These provide particularly high yields.

Kerr and Oregon Crab Apples star
While some crab apples are native, others are cultivated varieties. Here are some great ornamental crabs with excellent quality fruits for culinary purposes.

Kieffer Pear star
Gardeners can choose form nany kinds of fruit trees for their landscapes. Pears, such as the Kieffer, is a good choice for many areas of the country.

Kitchen Garden Book Reviews star
The quality of home grown produce can't be beat. With that in mind, here are reviews of some vegetable and kitchen gardening books that will appeal to gardeners.

Kitchen Garden Cookbooks star
Kitchen gardens offer bountiful harvests throughout the growing season. Kitchen gardeners will find the following cookbooks to be particularly useful.

Koroneiki, Picholine, and Other Olives star
A number of olive varieties are suitable for American gardens. These include Koroneiki, Picholine, and others.

Lakemont and King of the North Grapes star
When choosing grapes for the home garden keep Lakemont Seedless and the King of the North in mind. These are very disease resistant varieties.

Louise Bonne of Jersey and Madeleine Pears star
Many kinds of plants are suitable for the edible landscape. Pears, such as Madeleine, are a good choice.

Lovage-a Versatile Herb for the Kitchen Garden star
Lovage is well worth including in herb and kitchen gardens and vegetable garden. This useful, versatile plant is a perennial.

Mad Hatter Pepper-A Real Winner star
Mad Hatter pepper is an award winning pepper that deserves a place in the home garden.

Magness pear star
When choosing pear trees for the home landscape consider modern and heirloom varieties. Magness is a delightful release dating from the 1960's.

Maxine and New Century Pears star
When choosing fruit trees for the home orchard a mix of modern and heirloom varieties work well. Here are profiles of some recommended varieties.

Medicinal Rhubarb History star
The rhubarbs havebeen used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

Mission and Frantoio Olives star
Mission and Frantoio olive trees are suitable for some regions of America. These are only two of the olive varieties that are grown in the U.S.

Modern Apples star
There are a number of excellent modern apple varieties. The following are recommended for home orchards.

Moonglow and Anjou Pears star
The Moonglow and Anjou pears are delightful choices for the home orchard. Here are details on growing these two varieties.

More on Asian Pears star
It is fairly easy to grow Asian pears. Here are details on planting, pollination, and care.

More on the Seckel Pear star
Here is detailed information on growing, harvesting, and using the wonderful Seckel pear.

More Pear History star
The history of European pears is a fascinating story.

Myrtle Description star
Myrtle is a lovely evergreen shrub or tree that is quite suitable for warm climates. The scented white blooms are gorgeous.

Myrtle Origins and Varieties star
Native to the Old World, myrtle was cultivated in ancient times by the Romans, Greeks, and others. Numerous varieties of this plant are available.

New World Grape History star
There are a number of native grape species in America. In addition the European grapes were also introduced to the New World by the Europeans.

Nitaka and Orcas Pears star
Pears are a good choice for many areas of the country. Both the heirloom and modern varieties, such as Nitaka and Orcas, are good for landscapes.

Old Cider Apples star
There are quite a few apple varieties that are traditionally used for cider.

Old Traditional Cider Apples star
There are a number of apple varieties that are used for cider.

Old World Grape History star
Humans have enjoyed grapes for thousands of years. The European grape is now grown worldwide.

Olive in Etrusca and Rome star
Prior to the arrival of olive trees in ancient Rome, the Etruscan people grew these in some other regions of Italy.

Olive in European Life and Culture star
Olive trees as well as olive groves and olives played a role in European life and culture after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Olive Tree in the Ancient Mediterranean Region star
In ancient times, the olive tree played a major role in the Mediterranean area. This was true for those on ancient Crete as well as the Phoenicians, Minoans, and the Mycenae people.

Olive Trees in Ancient Italy star
Olive trees arrived in Italy prior to the Roman Empire. However, the empire was responsible for the spread of olive cultivation throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Olive Trees in Modern Europe star
Olive trees continue to play a role in modern European life. To this day, olive oil remains an integral part of the Mediterranean diet.

Orient and Passe Crassone Pears star
Fruit trees earn their keep. Pears are a good choice for most areas. Here are profiles of several varieties.

Ornamental Rhubarbs for the Landscape star
The ornamental rhubarbs are best known for their large foliage. Some species are quite colorful.

Outstanding American Persimmon Varieties star
Named varieties of American persimmons are generally superior to seedlings. Some of the outstanding types include the following.

Outstanding Asian Persimmon Varieties star
Of the superior Asian persimmon varieties, the following stand out from the crowd.

Outstanding Asparagus Varieties star
A number of asparagus varieties are available to home gardeners. The following varieties have proven to be outstanding.

Outstanding Mulberry Varieties star
A number of mulberry varieties are available to gardeners. Some of the outstanding varieties include the following.

Patten and Pineapple Pears star
Fruit plants of all sorts are a good choice for the home landscape. The Patten and Pineapple pears are excellent varieties.

Pear Propagation and Care star
Pears are generally budded or grafted onto a rootstock. These usually aren't grown from seeds.

Pear Tree Description/Background star
Pears can live for at least 50 years. These trees are more upright and vertical than apple trees.

Pears in the New World star
Pear trees were planted early in Colonial America by Europeans.

Pedro and Other Walnut Varieties star
Home gardeners can choose from a number of walnut tree varieties. Some are more hardy than others. Here are some outstanding varieties.

Pendolino, Picual, and Other Olive Varieties star
Pendolino, Picual, and Sevillano are only some of the olive varieties that are grown in the U.S.

Perry Pears star
Perry pears have been in use for several thousand years. These pear trees are easy to grow.

Pests and Diseases of Pears star
A number of different pests and diseases can occur on pears. The most common problems are fire blight and codling moth.

Planting and Caring for Crab Apples star
Crab apple trees are easy to grow.

Planting and Caring for Pomegranate Plants star
Pomegranate is easy to transplant. It requires a minimum of care and is generally free of pests and diseases.

Planting Buckwheat star
Buckwheat is easy to grow. This is recommended as a green manure/cover crop and small grain.

Planting Melons star
Plant melons in the spring after the soil is sufficiently warm. These are quite sensitive to frost.

Pollination and Planting of Pear Trees star
Most European pear trees will need cross-pollination as do some Asian pear varieties. Here are details on the pollination needs and planting of these trees.

Pomegranate Description and Distribution star
The pomegranate is the sole member of the pomegranate family. Moderately long lived, these can bear good fruit crops for 20 years or so.

Pomegranate in Ancient Egypt star
The pomegranate grew in both Egypt and Greece in ancient times.

Pomegranate in Ancient Rome star
The pomegranate was introduced to Rome from ancient Carthage. The ancient Romans grew various kinds of pomegranates.

Pomegranate in Ancient Times star
Pomegranate is among the oldest cultivated fruits. By around 4000 B.C., it was grown in Iran and Turkey.

Pomegranate in Biblical Times star
The pomegranate is a suitable choice for Biblical gardens. This was grown in the Holy Land during Biblical times.

Pomegranate in England and the New World star
Pomegranate has been grown in England at least since the 1600s. The plant was introduced to the New World by the Spanish.

Pomegranate in Europe star
The pomegranate plant reappeared in Europe some time after the fall of the Roman Empire. It was feature on medieval menus.

Pomegranate in the Islamic World star
The pomegranate is mentioned in the Koran. It occurs when there is a description of "heavenly paradise."

Pomegranate Varieties star
Gardeners can choose from many varieties of the pomegranate. Single and double flowered types are available.

Potomac and Other Pears star
Gardeners can choose form many kinds of pears. The following are highly recommended for the home orchard and edible landscape.

Potted Fruits in the Landscape star
Annuals are by far the most popular container plants in the landscape. Yet many other kinds are suitable for growing in pots.

Prairie and Prairie Spy Crab Apples star
When it comes time to choose a flowering tree, consider the native prairie crab and the Prairie Spy crab. These fruits are excellent for culinary purposes.

Pruning and Uses for Pears star
Pears are an ancient fruit that can be used for many culinary purposes. The young trees require some pruning and training.

Quince in Post-Roman Europe and America star
After the fall of the Roman Empire, quince continued to remain popular in Europe. This was also introduced to the New World.

Recommended Persimmon Species star
Persimmon trees are a great addition to the landscape. There are four species suitable for American gardens.

Recommended Mulberry Varieties star
There is a suitable mulberry tree for most any landscape situation from patios and pots to fruit gardens. Here are profiles of some outstanding ones that are well worth considering.

Recommended Pomegranate Varieties star
A number of pomegranate varieties are available to American gardeners. These include both heirloom ones, such as Plantation Sweet, as well as newer types.

Recommended Quince Varieties star
Of the various quince varieties, the following are recommended.

Recommended Rhubarb Varieties star
A number of very fine rhubarb varieties are available to home gardeners in America. The following are highly recommended.

Red Bartlett and Rescue Pear star
Some pears stand out from the crowd. Red Bartlett and Rescue are two wonderful varieties for the home garden.

Red Jade and Red Siberian Crabs star
Of the many fine crab apple v arieties available, the Red Jade is an outstanding ornamental along with the Red Siberian.

Red Mulberry star
Red mulberry is a fast growing, adaptable, native tree that is suitable for many areas of the U.S.

Redbud and Ralph Shay Crabs star
With so many wonderful crab apple varieties, it can be hard to choose a tree for the landscape.

Reliance and Price Grapes star
The Reliance and Price grapes are outstanding varieties for the home garden. These are disease resistant grapes.

Requirements for Growing Pears star
The hardiness and chill requirements can differ from one pear variety to another. Here are details on growing pears.

Rhubarb Description and Toxic Issues star
Rhubarb is attractive enough to grow in mixed borders and edible landscapes. The cooked leaf stalks have many uses, but the leaves are toxic.

Rhubarb Harvesting and Problems star
Rhubarb is relatively easy to grow. However, it can possibly suffer from a few problems, including bolting.

Rousselet and Santa Claus Pears star
There are some delightful heirloom pears available. Thee are suitable for home orchards.

Roxbury Russet Apple star
Roxbury russet apple is one of the best known old time russets in America.

Santiam Filberts and other Varieties star
Santiam filberts and Yamhill filberts are only two of many outstanding varieties. Here are details on these varieties.

Seckel Pear star
The Seckel is a unique highly lauded American pear.

Selected Asian Persimmon Varieties star
The following Asian persimmon varieties are well suited to American gardens.

Selected Pomegranate Varieties star
A number of pomegranate varieties are available in North America. Among these are popular types, such as Wonderful and Eversweet pomegranates.

Sheldon and Other Pears star
Many kinds of pears are suitable for the fruit garden. The Sheldon and Shin Li Asian are highly recommended.

Shinseiki and Other Pears star
Fruit trees deserve a place in the edible landscape. Here are profiles of the Shinseiki pear and others.

Siberian and Southern Crabs star
When one is choosing a species of crab apple, there are many wonderful kinds available. The Siberian and Southern crab apples are especially ornamental and bear edible fruits.

Skirret Uses and History star
Skirret has been used as a human food since ancient times. This largely neglected vegetable originated in Eurasia.

Some 1930's Apple Varieties star
A number of outstanding fruit trees originated in the 1930's and 40's. Here are several apple varieties to consider when planning your home orchard.

Some Crab Apples for the Edible Landscape star
When considering trees for the edible landscape, consider the crabs. These plants offer edible fruits that are used for various culinary purposes.

Some Delightful Pear Varieties star
When it comes to fruit trees pears are considered the aristocrats of the fruit world. The Summer Blood Birne and Summercrisp are wonderful pear varieties.

Some Delightful Pears star
Many kinds of fruit trees are suitable for the home landscape. There are some wondeerful heirloom pears, including Beurre Superfin.

Some Disease Resistant Apples star
Disease resistant apples are especially suitable for organic gardens. A number of varieties are available.

Some Excellent Crab Apples star
Whether you're choosing a crab apple for a home orchard or for a garden, there are many excellent varieties. Here are some that bear excellent crops of edible fruits.

Some Excellent Highbush Blueberries star
There are many excellent hughbush blueberry varieties, including the following.

Some Great Heirloom Apples star
Among the heirloom apples are some great ones that are perfect for modern gardens.

Some Great Heirloom Apples star
When planning the home orchard, include some heirloom apples. These are well worth growing.

Some Great Modern Apples star
Of the many modern apple varieties some stand out from the crowd.

Some Heirloom Crab Apples star
Among the many fine crab apples are several heirloom varieties that are outstanding. These include River crab and Sargent crab.

Some Heirloom European pears star
Among the European pears are many wonderful heirloom varieties. Here are details on some pears that are suitable for the edible landscape.

Some Highbush Blueberries star
The highbush blueberries are highly popilar. Here are details on some well known varieties.

Some Highly Recommended Russet Apples star
Among the russet apple trees, there are some outstanding ones, including Hunt and fall russet.

Some Mulberry Varieties star
A number of mulberries are available for landscapes. Here are profiles of selected ones.

Some Outstanding Russet Apples star
Of the various kinds of russet apples that are available, some are quite outstanding. These include sweet russet and Windham russet apple

Some Outstanding Blueberries star
Home gradeners can choose from many fine blueberry varieties, including the following.

Some Outstanding Rhubarb Varieties star
The following are some of the most outstanding red varieties of rhubarb that are available for home gardeners.

Some Popular Asian Persimmon Varieties star
Some of the Asian persimmons are very popular. These include Fuyo and Hachiya as well as a few others.

Some Recommended Garden Books star
A number of gardening books focus on vegetables and other crops for the edible landscape. Here are some recommended titles.

Some Recommended Walnut Varieties star
A number of walnut tree varieties are available. Here are some recommended varieties.

Some Unusual Apples for the Garden star
Along with the commonly known varieties, choose some unusual apples for your garden.

Specialty Potatoes for the Edible Landscape star
Home-grown potatoes come in a rainbow of colors.

Spinach for the Edible Landscape star
Spinach is an ideal choice for the kitchen garden.

Splitleaf Philodendron star
Splitleaf philodendron is a stunning foliage houseplant that bears edible fruits.

Sunflowers for the Landscape star
Sunflowers have many uses in the landscape.

Tartary and Other Buckwheats star
In addition to the common buckwheat there are several other species suitable for home gardens and homesteads.

The Aurora and Beurre Picard Pears star
When choosing pear varieties for the home orchard there are many varieties from which we can choose. Here are details on a new modern variety and a beloved heirloom.

The Baldwin Apple star
When it comes time to choose apples for the home orchard, there are so many fine heirloom varieties. Baldwin is one of those.

The Beautiful Crab Apple star
Extremely hardy, crab apple trees are very showy.

The Best Rabbiteye Blueberries star
There are many varieties of rabbiteye blueberries. Herre are details on some of the best ones.

The Chapin and Colette Pears star
Home orchards are more popular than ever. Fruit trees are also a good choice for the home landscape. Here are profiles of some highly recommended pear varieties.

The Columbia and Dana Hovey Pears star
Both the European and Asian pears are suitable for home orchards. You won't go wrong with Conference and Dana Hovey pears.

The Concord Grape star
The Concord is a delightful all purpose grape. It is extremely disease resistant.

The Conference and Daisui Li Pears star
When choosing pear trees for the home landscape and home orchards do consider the heirloom varieties.

The Edible Landscape star
Tasty tomatoes,freshly harvested lettuce, and succulent ripe strawberries. Enjoy this and more from the edible landscape.

The Edible Landscape star
Tasty tomatoes picked at the peak of perfection, freshly harvested lettuce, and succulent ripe strawberries. If you want them, you´ll have to grow them yourself.

The Golden Russet Apple star
The Golden Russet apple is a delightful heirloom variety.

The Hosui Asian Pear star
When planning the eidlbe landscape include some fruit plants. The Hosui Asian pear is a very good choice.

The Kitchen Garden Yields Home Grown Produce star
A well-planned kitchen garden containing a variety of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers is the solution to quick meals.

The Many Uses of Barberries star
Barberry fruits can be used in so many different ways. The leaves, twigs, inner bark and roots are also quite useful.

The Many Uses of Rhubarb star
Entire cookbooks have been written on rhubarb. This fruit is so versatile.

The McIntosh Apple star
The McIntosh apple is now a classic apple and remains one of the most popular all purpose varieties.

The Nelis Pears star
There are several types of Nelis pears. These are wonderful heirloom varieties.

The Neptune and Mars Grapes star
There are a number of wonderful disease resistant grape varieties. Here are details for the Neptune and some others.

The Olive Tree star
The long lived olive tree has been grown for thousands of years.

The Olive Tree in Ancient Greece star
The olive tree was an ideal choice for farmers in ancient Greece.

The Paw Paw star
The paw paw is a unique native fruit in America. This is a member of the custard apple family.

The Pomegranate Fruit star
The edible pomegranate is a very lovely, uniquely shaped fruit. The color of the rind, pulp, juice, and seeds can vary widely according to the variety.

The Three Sisters Garden star
The Three Sisters Garden is very traditional.

The Urbaniste Pear star
The heirloom fruits are desirable plants for the landscape. The Urbaniste pear is a wonderful variety.

The Wonderful Russet Apples star
Due to their superior quality, the russet apples have long been favorites among home gardeners.

The York Imperial Apple star
If I only had room for one apple tree I would choose the York Imperial.

Tomaccio star
When you're planning your 2010 garden do make room for Tomaccio. This new gourmet cherry tomato is the best tasting variety around.

Transcendent and Wealthy Crab Apples star
There are some wonderful heirloom varieties of crab apples. Here are some recommended ones.

Tsu Li and Tyson Pears star
When it comes to fruit trees nothing beats pears. The Tsu Li and Tyson pears are highly recommended for the edible landscape.

Ubileen and Vermont Beauty Pears star
Consider some fruit trees along with other edible crops for the landscape. The Ubileen and Vermont Beauty pears are good choices.

Ugli Fruit and Pommelo star
The Ugli fruiit and the pommelo are two unusual types of fruits. These are suitable for home gardens in warm climates.

Useful Crab Apples star
Crab apples are among the most useful plants we can grow.

Uses for Parsley and Assorted Herbs star
Parsley, fennel, caraway, and chervil have many culinary uses. They are also used for other purposes as well.

Vegetable Gardening Book Review star
In hard times people turn to their gardens for food. This new vegetable gardening book by Eliot Coleman is an especially helpful title.

Vegetable Gardening Books for Beginners star
A number of gardening books offer expert advice to novice gardeners. Here are reviews of some excellent titles for beginners.

Vegetables in the Edible Landscape star
The landscape can fulfill many functions, both practical and aesthetic. Among the functional uses is when we create kitchen gardens, culinary herb gardens, and edible landscapes.

Vicar of Winkfield Pear star
There are many wonderful heirloom varieties for the edible landscape, including the delightful Vicar of Winkfield pear.

Victoria Rhubarb star
Of the many rhubarb varieties, Victoria rhubarb is one of the best known and popular ones. It was named for Queen Victoria.

Warren and White Doyenne Pears star
Fruit trees are a good choice for the home landscape. Here are some recommended varieties of pears.

Wassailing the Apple Trees star
At its very heart the custom of wassailing an apple tree is a fertility rite.

Watermelons star
Space saving watermelon plants are available. These include Early Moonbeam and Sugar Baby.

White Mulberry star
White mulberry has been grown for over five thousand years as food for silkworms in China. It has been introduced to many other parts of the world.

Winter Melons star
Winter melons ripen late in the season and store especially well, sometimes for several months.

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